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May 11

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My heart raced. I unsealed the cover and it was full of letters about
incest. There were stories of brothers and sisters, fathers and
daughters, mothers and sons, aunts and uncles, cousins and meet about
every possible combination a kinsfolk can have.
I began to read. The stories were more than hot; they were also
believable and obviously cursive by assorted people. Needless to say
I went straight to the section on brothers and sisters. Within minutes
I was so aroused that I had to liberated my cock. I stroked myself as I
imagined Jewess would do patch I read of a girl who fucked her brother
in the level of their house. Within transactions I was ready to come.
After cleanup up the terminal mess I didn’t want a repeat performance.
I looked low my sister’s bottom for something to become on and saw a pair
of panties that would be perfect. But when I reached to regain them
I got more than I bargained for; a dildo lapse out. I gasped at the
thought. Was this what Susan had meant? Did my banter sister ass herself
with a dildo patch she listened to me movement off?
Mary’s panties enwrapped around my shaft meet before it exploded and
filled the intimate garment with gesture after gesture of come. I raised the
dildo to my grappling and though the smell of her pussy was faint on the
plastic, it was nonetheless detectable. The aroma sparked an orgasm as
I raised the dildo to my lips and tasted it. The flavor of my sister’s
forbidden pussy was weak, but it filled me with an ardor I had not
previously known. I must hit presented quite a range as I worshipped
that dildo, but I didn’t care. I kissed and licked every progress of the
plastic phallus until I was satisfied that every balance of my sister
had been consumed. After my orgasm subsided I crawled into Mary’s bed
with her panties still enwrapped around my cock.
My fitful slumber was filled with disorderly dreams.

Chapter Three

The phone remained obstinately silent though I sulked around the
house every farewell waiting for its signal. Instead, the doorbell rang
at hour and I unsealed the door for Susan. To my delight she wore a thin
summer coiffe cut low enough to reveal her cleavage and demand of bra.
The points of her nipples made pleasant impressions in the fabric and the
hem was suggestively broad on her legs. I wondered if she wore panties.
\”Hi,\” she chirped and entered the house. She swayed to the lounge and
sat down.
\”Hello,\” I replied as I took a seat on the couch covering her. She
was display more portion than was polite, still not enough for me to see
anything. She was a beatific tease.
\”Did you countenance low her bed?\”
\”Yes.\” I blushed as I remembered how I had sucked on the dildo. I
made a mental note never to do it again.
\”What did you find?\” she asked wickedly.
\”Two magazines: a Penthouse that I conceive she stole from me and
another that was full of stories most incest. I also found the
Susan winked. \”Did it invoke you on?\”
\”Yes.\” I stared into her eyes. \”I jerked-off and came in a pair of
her panties.\”
\”Leave them low the pillow for her.\” Susan laughed and unsealed her
knees a some inches. \”I undergo she’ll fuck to encounter them.\”
\”How daylong has she been using a dildo?\” I had to countenance downbound because
she was indeed without panties and her bush stared discover from between
her thighs. I licked my lips and desired to wager more.
\”Does it surprise you to undergo she uses a dildo?\”
\”Yes.\” I reached for my shaft to adjust it. \”She’s exclusive fifteen.\”
\”I’m fifteen, too!\” Susan inched her knees apart further apart. \”Do
you conceive I ingest a dildo?\”
\”I don’t know. Do you?\” I stared at her pussy. The bush was thick,
but not so thick as to conceal the fat lips that nestled underneath. Even
though her labia were swollen with maturity, it’s crevasse was clamped
shut with youthful tightness.
\”Yes.\” Susan shrugged. \”The dildo belongs to me and I permit her
borrow it. What do you conceive now?\”
\”I conceive I’m bigger and better,\” I said and reached for my zipper.
It rasped unstoppered and I reached in to vantage discover my straining erection. It
was wild; stroking myself in face of her patch she watched as though
it were a normal thing to do.
\”That looks aforementioned an offer.\” Susan blushed. \”Would you attain the same
offer to Mary?\”
\”She’s not sitting in face of me with her pussy staring discover from
between her legs. But if she wereÄÄand knowing what I undergo nowÄÄYes,
I’d probably attain the aforementioned offer.\” My heart raced at the confession.
Susan spinous at my angle \”I’m not the exclusive digit display off.\”.
\”Would you aforementioned me to place it away?\”
\”No.\” Susan looked into my eyes and changed the subject. \”I dreamed
about you terminal night. Did you imagine most me or Mary?\”
\”That’s a unexploded question.\”
\”It’s okay.\” Susan giggled. \”I can imagine what was in your mind
last night, but I hope you intellection most me meet a lowercase bit.\”
\”I intellection most you a lot.\” I fondled my swollen balls and gripped
my shaft more tightly. She must hit enjoyed watching; the nipples
were hornlike low her coiffe and her pussy lips grew large and flowered
open to reveal the sexy pink inside. Her button looked as hornlike as her
\”Take soured your dress.\”
Susan rose to her feet and reached for the hem. She pulled her
dress up and off, over her head in digit quick, unbelievably graceful
motion. The garment trailed from her assistance for a moment before flutter-
ing to the floor. She stood naked before me for an eternity, then
lifted her safekeeping and cupped the mounds of her breasts. She held them
up, offering their pink nipples to my stare.
\”They’re beautiful!\” I licked my lips and stroked my shaft faster as
I imagined what it would be aforementioned to touching and draw her Brobdingnagian nipples.
\”Turn around and exhibit me your ass.\”
\”You’re a real pervert!\” Susan excited as she overturned her backwards to me
and bent forward slightly. Her safekeeping slid slowly downbound her sides until
they were on her buttocks. She fondled the cheeks aforementioned sexual organs
for a some daylong moments, then spread them playfully open. I whistled
appreciation of her dripless wrinkled arsehole and she responded by bending
double to reveal a dewy rear analyse of her youthful pussy. She searched
my disorderly eyes from between her legs patch her safekeeping moved up the back
of her thighs. She smiled and winked when the fingers grazed her
vulnerable pussy lips, then straightened and spun around to grappling me.
I was breathless. \”You hit a pleasant ass, too!\”
She obviously knew the mind of a sixteen year old boy. \”And you
have a pleasant erection.\” Her eyes stared at it.
I was curious. \”How many hit you seen?\”
\”Four:\” she smiled.
\”One belonged to the man who took my virginity. That was almost a
year ago. I permit him verify it digit dozen nowadays over a two-week period
just to attain trusty the job was done properly. It was fun.
\”One belonged to a movement who intellection he was going to intend some, but
never got more than a look.
\”One belongs to you, and the another is my brother’s.\”
\”Paul?\” I stammered. \”You’ve seen him hard?\”
\”Yeah; he spies on me every the instance and I’ve spied on him a couple
times. He’d probably fling if he knew I watched him jerk-off.\” She had
a mischievous countenance in her eyes.
\”You watched him jerk-off?\” I asked, incredulous. \”Has he seen you
do… I mean… has he seen you with that dildo?\”
\”Hell no!\” she laughed. \”I’d ass him before I tortured him like
that, and I hit no intentions of ass him because he doesn’t turn
me on.\”
\”Good.\” I relaxed. \”But why do you wrecker on him?\”
\”You’re worse than your sister!\” Susan sat downbound on the lounge and
spread her legs wide. \”I do it because it’s naughty and I fuck to do
naughty things.\”
My eyes widened at the range of her fully unstoppered pussy. Her clit
jutted bolt from the top of the pink slit and flowered intrinsic lips
dripped from the excitement within.
\”Why am I worse than my sister?\”
\”Both of you are jealous.\” Susan slid a assistance to her pussy. One
finger unfit shortly at the bottom before running up the crease and
pausing at her clit. \”If Jewess knew what we were doing correct now, I
don’t undergo who she’d be more jealous ofÄÄme or you.\”
\”If she’s jealous of you, I’d be pleased to please her meet as I’m
glad to please you.\” I laughed and licked my lips for the finger
cycling the length of her slit. Her teasing was taking it’s toll and
my hips began thrusting my shaft into my hand. \”But if she’s jealous of
me, then you hit a problem.\”
\”What makes you conceive that would be a problem?\” Susan’s face
blushed and she rammed a digit deep into her pussy.
\”Jesus!\” My eyes bulged and I held my breath. This kind of visual
stimulation was new to me, and I couldn’t verify my eyes from her.
Neither could I ignore the implications of her terminal remark.
Susan’s feet raised to the lounge and close on either lateral of her
ass. When her thighs unsealed again she was spread completely. Hands
left her ankles; digit to rub her button patch digit fingers of the other
probed her tight, creamy hole. She removed them and the aroma of her
sex permeated the air as the glistening digits approached her lips.
She licked them with apparent enjoyment and her eyes rolled as she tasted
herself. Then she looked wildly at me. The fingers returned to her
waiting pussy and plunged in. Susan gasped and began furiously to
finger-fuck herself.
Something snappedÄÄperhaps it was the countenance in her eyesÄÄand I knew
this was no longer simply a nasty mettlesome for her. Her desperate mastur-
bation was genuinely amazing. I dropped to the carpet and knelt with my
face less than a foot from her gyrating vulva. She moaned and fingered
herself ever harder low my scrutiny, the dripless pussy yielding at
each thrust. Lubricant poured forth and matted her hair before running
down to the sofa. Knuckles smacked tender labia with such force that I
wondered if she was consciously adding discompose to her pleasure.
Finally she rammed her assistance home and rolled her knuckles against
her engorged pussy patch the another assistance furiously rubbed her clit. She
moaned loudly as her ass rose from the lounge and her thighs began to
ripple. Her fingers stopped moving, then squeezed her button roughly, as
though disagreeable to vantage it from her pelvis patch her embody thrashed in
orgasm. Even though digit fingers plugged her hole, I saw it pulsate
around them and ebullition an quantity of cream. It was likewise much for any
man to bear.
My grappling tilted up and my backwards arched. I jerked my shaft with blind-
ing pace and moaned loudly in warning as I came. My eyes were closed,
but I knew my sperm was construction on her body. That intellection extended the
orgasm for what seemed forever. The grade faded at terminal and I
opened my eyes to wager Susan smearing become over breasts and intumesce as
though it were a desired balm. Perhaps it was.
I tensed and began to become again, this instance construction on her pussy.
Susan stretched it unstoppered and smiled. I moaned and leaned forward,
adding new moisture to her matted thatch.
Susan’s eyes vitrified as my shaft drew closer. I knew she desired me,
but the grade of a double orgasm had been likewise much. My shaft was
too soft to serve when I nestled it at her slippery slit. Slender
hands tried to stuff me in, but it was no use.
I looked into her eyes with the countenance of the boy who lost
Christmas. She began to laugh and I had to laugh too. But it wasn’t
really funny; I desired to ass her more than I desired my next breath.
Susan must hit detected my embarrassment; she pressed her lips to mine
and kissed me. Her tongue darted into my mouth and we tongue-fucked
for several minutes.
Susan rolled discover from low me and rose to her feet. She reached
for her coiffe and in quiet I watched her place it on. It looked so
innocent and course on her and it overturned me on to undergo that underneath
she was naked and smudged with my come.
I suddenly desired her to stay. \”Please don’t go.\”
\”I hit to.\” She looked at me a sparkle in her eyes.
\”Why?\” I was puzzled.
She winked. \”I hit to go to the clinic.\”
\”The clinic?\”
\”Yeah,\” she laughed. \”Where else do you conceive a fifteen-year-old
can intend the Pill?\”
I brightened. \”Are you serious?\”
\”Does this countenance serious?\” She raised her coiffe and pulled her pussy
open to exhibit the white, frothy become in her cunt.
\”Yeah.\” I stared in wonder. \”You hit a nasty way of making your
\”The nastier the better.\” Curved fingers concentrated our juices and
lifted them to her lips. Her tongue darted discover and she tasted the
sticky substance, then smiled lewdly.
\”Jesus…\” I change my shaft throb. \”You meliorate intend to that clinic
before it’s likewise late. I strength be unnatural into holding you captive if I
get hornlike again.\”
\”Okay.\” She walked to the door and She was most to travel outside
when she looked backwards over her shoulder. \”Should I intend enough pills for
two girls?\”
\”Damnit…\” My shaft sprang up and I went after her. \”…I warned
Susan ran downbound the porch and into the yard. I followed to the
bottom of the steps before I realized that I was still naked. I
stopped and awninged myself with both hands. Susan laughed and taunted
me, lifting the face of her dress. If not for the children activity in
the neighbor’s yard I’d hit tackled her, correct then and correct there.
Instead I ran backwards into the house. She must hit famous I’d be watching
out the window because she stopped and blew me a touching meet before she
turned the crossway and disappeared.

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